Fresh Beginnings

I’ve had this site for quite a while now and have yet to put it to any real good use. I think, to be honest, that it’s because I wasn’t quite sure which direction I wanted to take with it. I write, right? So, do I want it to be my eventual writer’s home? I’m also a very busy mom of two. Do I want it to be all about my family and what we are up to? I read (a lot!). Do I want to review books?

There are so many things I could do with my little corner of the internet!

I think that until I have an idea for’s clear-cut purpose, it will be for all of the above. Luckily, I have some very good friends who can help me later if I need them. So, read what you want to, take from the site what you need, and forgive me if the scattered-ness of it offends those of you who battle a touch of OCD.

Muchas Smooches,


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